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This all-natural infusion is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and packed with powerful ingredients scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance, increase energy, boost stamina, and speed recovery time.

It naturally delivers what your body may be missing from your diet and has quickly become the go-to resource for elite athletes and health-conscious celebrities.

A Boost of Benefits

FastVitaminIV users experience a range of positive benefits. The most common ones are:

  • Enhanced athletic performance—More energy, higher intensity workouts, increased lean muscle mass, speed, strength, and endurance
  • Post workouts—Decreased recovery time, muscle pain, and fatigue
  • Mental acuity—Improved focus, clarity, concentration, and alertness
  • Cleanses and detoxifies—Improves blood flow for a healthier, more balanced system
  • Improved sleep—Deeper, more restful sleep post-infusion
  • Healthier skin—key nutrients naturally produce a soft glow and smooth appearance


Until now, supplement seekers had two insufficient options:

  1. Pills -- Supplements in pill form only allow the body to absorb up to 20% of nutrients into the bloodstream.
  2. Standard IV infusion -- Regular IV's are watered down and take hours to administer, forcing you to sit and wait while the nutrients gradually drip into your bloodstream.

Minimal time and effort, maximum absorption.

Unlike pills or standard IV treatments, FastVitaminIV ensures that 100% of nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It's also incredibly fast—administered and absorbed in less than a minute! Seriously.

You can actually start to feel it going to work right away, and because it only takes a minute, you can jump right back into your day refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world. Crazy convenient!

The KEY to effectiveness

FastVitaminIV's unique, proprietary, patent-pending formula is designed to maximize cell receptivity. That means it actually aids the process by “unlocking” your cells and allowing them to quickly absorb the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into your bloodstream.

Safe and natural

All FastVitamin-IVs are produced in a 503(B) FDA-registered manufacturing facility and each injection is tested for the highest levels of sterility and potency, ensuring that each infusion is completely safe and free of contaminants or impurities. It also gives athletes a safe alternative to PEDs (performance enhancing drugs).

FastVitaminIV is currently working with the coaching staff and players of the Miami Dolphins. Other pro teams—like the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Hawks, Seattle Mariners, and Washington Nationals—have taken notice and shown significant interest in adding it to their athletic regimen.

Whether you're a pro athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for an all-natural edge, or a busy mom, overworked executive, or creative industry professional trying to increase energy and avoid burnout, FastVitaminIV is the quickest, safest, most effective way to give your body the boost it's been craving. And, at less than a minute to administer, there really are no excuses.

Meet Dr. Koniver

We're so excited to partner with FastVitaminIV creator, Dr. Koniver, to offer this life changing service at NAO Wellness. Give us a call to find out more or book your first FastVitaminIV infusion.

Waiting only keeps you further away from the life you're meant to be living. Nothing is more important than your health. Choose to live well now.

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