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The healing journey started in my early 20's with a wake-up call: IBS, anxiety/depression and food allergies. The usual myriad of pills and potions from my general practitioner weren't quite cutting it. The additional advice of running and eating salad every day wasn't bad, it just didn't get to the root of my health problems. It was a stop and start journey until I worked with a Holistic Health Coach, that I really started to peel back the layers and understand how the food I was eating was actually controlling my mood (i.e. the depression) and the behaviors of my gut (i.e. IBS and food allergies). I began to understand the role that emotional health played in the body and it wasn't until I started eating optimally and feeling physically better that my attention expanded to my emotional, relational and spiritual states. I saw how my negative thoughts were influencing my physical inflammation and how certain unhealthy relationships were holding me back from becoming my true self. I learned how mindfulness and quieting the racing thoughts through prayer and meditation changed my beliefs. I was not in fact stuck in sickness but had hope that I could be healed.

Through this deep, intensive time with my Holistic Health Coach my diet changed from pseudo-healthy bagel bites and non-fat foods to a vegetable-rich, nutrient-dense whole food diet. I lost 15 pounds in a matter of months and was able to eliminate my medications. I was amazed to find my "normal" brain fog lifted and I gained an inner confidence and peace — like shedding my old skin and slipping into a new version of myself. The entire process inspired me to go through the nutritional training, to be able to professionally share my healing journey and counsel others: combining my loves of coaching, cooking, creativity and healing.

While training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I was also a full-time nanny. This meant I was able to try out what I was learning with families. I immediately recognized the youngest members had a natural curiosity for the colorful and "new" food I was preparing: red peppers, sliced avocado, or sautéed kale with garbanzo beans. I started enhancing their familiar foods—quesadillas with minced kale, making fresh fish and chicken sticks and homemade gluten free muffins. The kids would cook with me and get their hands into the process of the food preparation. In doing so, the kids learned that real flavor comes from natural, whole foods: from the earth, land and sea—not from boxes, chemicals or food dyes. The kids started eating healthier and so did the parents. They were having fun doing it... And presto, my Family Food Makeover program was born.

For the last six years, my "Family Food Makeovers" have been integrated throughout NYC. I organize and outfit kitchens with the best supplies, create tailor-made family recipe books and support parents by teaching them unity through food and table culture. I've had the privilege to help families with children who have autism, cancer, ADHD and of course the very common "picky eater." My goal is always to expand the family palette and in the end, help them fall in love with health – using food, nutritional upgrades and creativity.

Here are some other fun facts about my food:

I have an innate gift when it comes to flavor profiles. Slow cooked meats, bone broths and creative vegetable dishes are my specialties.

I successfully catered my own wedding (of 125+ people). What a joy to be able to see all my family and friends eating and enjoying a delicious healthy meal. Which lead to...

...One of my wedding guests hired me to cater her 300 person wedding in the city! My favorite types of catering events include: intimate dinner parties for my health clients and their friends.

My passion is being one on one with clients and partnering with them on their health goals, dreams and challenges. I'm all about a holistic approach: including a food lifestyle plan built around bio-individuality and incorporating "soul" food elements: relationships, career, spirituality and exercise. It's deeply satisfying to help others achieve optimal digestive health while combating issues such as yeast overgrowth and other autoimmune issues. I love joining clients on their journey, teaching them to become "detectives" within their own bodies. 7 years of counseling clients have shown me how my own journey parallels theirs. At the end of the day, it's about creativity in the kitchen, understanding that food is medicine and supporting the body's innate healing capabilities.

Waiting only keeps you further away from the life you're meant to be living.
Nothing is more important than your health.
Choose to live well now.

Katie's methods draw from evidence-based scientific knowledge made "bite-sized" for practical, every-day use. Her motto is "A healthy lifestyle should always feel like living" because she believes that eating well should be a pleasurable and delicious experience. With this in mind, her approach to nutrition counseling is fun, friendly, and familiar.

Katie completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics and earned a Master's of Science Degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University's prestigious Nutrition and Dietetics Program. At NYU she studied the mechanics and biochemical processes of the body and the role of nutrition in health and disease. Beyond individual health, Katie learned the scope that good nutrition plays in our society at large and in our environment.

Katie is passionate about cooking as a means to maintaining the cleanest, most affordable, and highest quality diet possible. In her spare time, she enjoys travel and photography. If New York kept the Miss Subways pageant running Katie would be a strong contender as she has been a resident of each of the five boroughs.

Waiting only keeps you further away from the life you're meant to be living.
Nothing is more important than your health.
Choose to live well now.

Anne's passion for health stems from her personal journey through healing her own body. This journey started at age ten. As an overweight child, Anne began exercising and changing her diet in order to play on her travel soccer league. Through running and cutting out junk food, she was able to lose weight and transform her way of life. It was an eye-opening experience, but only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what she'd learn about her body and mind throughout high school, college, and life in New York City. You can read the full story here!

Thanks to Anne's health education through IIN, and her dedication to lifestyle habit changes, she's been able to overcome an unhealthy relationship with food including sugar addiction and binge eating. She's also addressed her hormonal and menstrual issues, subdued symptoms of acid reflux and depression, and dropped a total of eight medications. The entire experience has gifted her with deep empathy, a love of connecting with others, and the desire to empower everyone to uncover their greatest potential. She offers her clients skills for strategizing positive outcomes as well as extensive knowledge of the best tools for support. Anne relates to the feeling of struggle at the outset of a new way of life. At the same time, she knows personal health is an incredibly rewarding journey, and unique and powerful for each individual. The process of helping her clients discover their own paths to success lights her up like nothing else.

Anne believes that we all possess inside ourselves the wisdom and resources we need to attain great health and balance. Her role in the journey is to guide and support clients toward uncovering the truth that already lives within them. This process reminds us of who we truly are, and gives us a deep sense of peace - the peace that comes from knowing we are masters of our own journey, and endlessly supported. With that knowledge, we start to utilize our abundant resources naturally and take action on our goals effortlessly. By building and believing in our own self worth, we become empowered to create our greatest selves.

Waiting only keeps you further away from the life you're meant to be living.
Nothing is more important than your health.
Choose to live well now.

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